Online. Guided. Live. Face to Face.

Take part in our online tours perfectly adapted to your company’s needs and guided live by one of our expert employees.

Save time and travel costs – experience Norder Band!

What you may expect from us

  • An online tour at Norder Band AG perfectly adapted to your company’s needs.
  • Guided live by one of our expert employees.
  • Interactive: You are welcome to raise questions at any time.
  • We are pleased to discuss open issues with you afterwards.


Technical requirements

We tried hard to keep the technical requirements on a level as low as possible so you can join our online tours without nuch equipment. All you need is

  • a fast and reliable internet connection
  • microphone and speakers or a headset respectively
  • the Microsoft Teams app or Microsoft’s browser Edge on a Windows10 basis
  • Should you take part as a group on a single workplace, we kindly ask to mute your microphone except of further inquiries, as possible back-couplings could be disturbing.

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